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Safeguarding Adults Guidance for Christian Faith Organisations

Safeguarding Adults Guidance for Christian Faith Organisations

Safeguarding means protecting an individual’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect; it is about organisations working together to prevent and stop both the risks and experience of abuse, exploitation or neglect. Safeguarding adults is not only about the prevention of abuse and protection from harm – it is also about making sure that the individual’s wellbeing is promoted and their views, wishes, feeling and beliefs are respected. 

Burnout in Churches and Christian Faith-Based Organisations

Stress and Burnout in Church and Christian Faith-Based Organisations

Burnout is a “syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment that can occur among individuals who work with people in some capacity (Maslach 1996:193). 
This definition, whilst helpful, fails to convey the potentially life-shattering impact that burnout can have, as described in the words of ‘Peter’, a Christian leader who contributed to this guidance. 

Support and value of older people

Guidance for Christian faith organisations in the support and value of older people 

This guidance has developed out of a lifelong passion and interest for Karen Grimshaw and I. We first met at university in London some 40 years ago and we became lifelong friends. We both developed a professional interest in the care of older citizens and over the years we have discussed writing guidance such as this for Christian organisations, based on our experience and our own personal faith. 

It is well known that we have an ageing population, and that our churches too having ageing memberships; with the numbers of those living above 80 years of age having the fastest and greatest increases. These oldest of our elderly populations are now recognised as being in their Fourth Age. By recognising the impact of social isolation and loneliness on the health and wellbeing of those in the Fourth Age, churches can work together with local community organisations, to identify  the lonely and reach out to provide support and help.

Loneliness in Older People - Online

Loneliness in Older People: Guidance on How Christian Faith Organisations Can Support Older People Facing Loneliness

Leading Successful teams in Churches and Christian faith-based organisations - Digital R

Leading Successful Teams in Churches and Christian Faith-Based Organisations

The purpose of this text is t help Christians understand what constitutes a successful team, and how to develop and maintain one in practice. Within this text we explore why some teams excel and others do not, introduce techniques and leadership behaviours that work, in different church or Christian faith-based contexts.

Love Southampton 2022-2023

Love Southampton Report: 2022-2023

I am delighted to report that Love Southampton has become a voice for the churches in the city and have developed strong and positive relations with Southampton City Council, the NHS and other significant local organisations. God has opened doors for us in remarkable ways and we have taken up opportunities to participate in exciting new projects and initiatives. The Faith New Deal grant has been a game changer and will be explained in this report.

Love Southampton Food Report

Love Southampton Food Poverty and Distribution - A Model for the Wider Church

The headline results are simple staggering. Over 1.4 million meals were distributed in a year, equivalent to £5.8millions worth of food, delivered by 18,720 hours of work by volunteers. Moreover, this support has moved from emergency food aid to become a critical service in the support of the most marginalised in our society. There is clear evidence that children in schools struggle to concentrate during a school day without this provision simply because they are hungry.

Love Southampton CLEAR Impact Evaluation

Love Southampton CLEAR Impact Evaluation

This impact evaluation demonstrates the crucial and continued role of faith-based organisations, particularly local churches, in supporting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants arriving in local communities.

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