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End of Life Care

Next of Kin Understanding Decision Making Authorities

Next of Kin: Understanding Decision Making Authorities

The term Next of Kin (NoK) is commonly used and there is a presumption that the person you identify as your NoK has certain rights and duties. Health and social care colleagues should always consult the people closest to a person who lacks capacity to understand that person’s wishes and feelings to help them make a decision in that person’s best
interests. However, the person identified as next of kin should not be asked to sign and/ or consent to certain interventions (unless they have a legal basis for doing so – see
overleaf). This is a mistake often made in many hospital and nursing or residential type accommodations, where family members are asked to sign care plans, end of life plans and other treatment options and provide consent which is not legally valid.

Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment

Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment

We all like to make our own decisions. But what happens if for some reason a person is not able to make a decision about their own medical treatment because of illness or because they are unconscious?

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